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Introducing our new 650ml plant-based bottle filled with pure New Zealand water and designed to be disposed of in a commercial compost. Our bottles can be tailored to work within your brand needs and guidelines by customising the colour and design of every bottle with the use of our proprietary printing technology.

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New Zealand's first 100% commercially compostable bottle and cap

Our breakthrough bottle and cap is New Zealand’s first 100% plant-based, commercially compostable solution to reach the market. This product is made from a proprietary blend of bio-based materials, derived from natural resources and is designed to be commercially composted into biomass, carbon dioxide and water.

The cap

Futurity Manufacturing have designed, engineered and manufactured New Zealand’s first 100% commercially compostable bottle and cap. The cap and tamper-band is made from a combination of bio-based polymers which are also accepted at commercial compost facilities.

Complete customisation of design & colour

Futurity Manufacturing have the capability to design and print unique artwork on each and every bottle using biodegradable inks and their proprietary printing technology. In turn, there are no labels or adhesives used during this process in comparison to traditional water bottle offerings. The colour of the bottles can also be customised by combining polylactic acid with the desired colour of masterbatch when undertaking the manufacturing process.

QR code technology

Each and every bottle produced by Futurity Manufacturing has a unique QR code printed on the back. QR code technology is widely used for driving consumers to custom microsites, brand activations and product tracing initiatives. This technology can act as a data capture for clients, or otherwise, Futurity Manufacturing have designed a progressive web app which incentivises consumers to return their empty bottles to nearby compost bins.


The 650ml plant-based bottle is designed to be commercially composted. Futurity Manufacturing bottles work best in closed-loop environments whereby the end of life can be controlled and the products can be collected after use, working towards a circular economy. Futurity Manufacturing undertake an onboarding process for every client to firstly determine feasibility, and further to liaise with the necessary businesses to organise the necessary waste stream infrastructure.

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Designed for a circular

Commercial composting is currently limited in New Zealand, with only certain operators accepting commercially compostable packaging. There is no widespread, national solution, and therefore it is critical that every commercially compostable product has a place to go for it’s end-of-life. Futurity Manufacturing's products work in closed loop environments where we are able to ensure it is sent to a commercial compost facility. If this isn’t possible with a client, we will liaise and find a solution.

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Case Studies


Longline Classic

Longline Classic is a boutique music festival situated in Gisborne, New Zealand. Futurity Manufacturing worked collaboratively with the promoters to create a customised yellow bottle, in-line with the Longline Classic brand guidelines.

Futurity also designed and developed a unique microsite to be accessed through each QR code on the back of each bottle. The microsite exhibited a sitemap and setlist and served as a platform for patrons to win prizes on the day such as merchandise, VIP access and tickets to future events.


Best Awards

Futurity Manufacturing were a finalist in the structural packaging category in collaboration with Think Packaging and Previously Unavailable.

In collaboration with Marx Design, Futurity Manufacturing also designed and produced customised water bottles to keep patrons hydrated at the Best Awards 2020 presented by the Designers Institute of New Zealand.

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Hotel Britomart

The Hotel Britomart is recognised as New Zealand's first 5 Green Star rated hotel by the New Zealand Green Building Council. The Hotel Britomart has sustainability built in from the ground up. Futurity Manufacturing have partnered with The Hotel Britomart to create a customised water bottle to be utilised by hotel guests.

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About us

Futurity Manufacturing is a bioplastics manufacturing company, owned and operated in New Zealand. Our facility processes advanced biomaterials into plastics components for a variety of industries and sectors. We are product designers and engineers, with the manufacturing capability to create more environmentally friendly products for businesses and consumers to use.

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Futurity Manufacturing import a raw supply of polylactic acid (PLA) derived from non-GMO sugarcane to their facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. The materials are then injection stretch blow moulded into the shape of our designed bottle.

The bottle cap and tamper-band are produced through a seperate machine, using a number of proprietary biomaterials. The cap has been highly engineered and our product is now the first 100% commercially compostable water bottle solution in New Zealand.

Futurity will liaise with their clients to determine the artwork and design on the front and back of each bottle. From here, we use our high speed proprietary ink-jet system to print on the bottles using bio-based inks, removing the need for labels or adhesives.

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The name says it all. Futurity Manufacturing is most definitely fit for the future and will add value to businesses in the coming years like no other in its category. It is impressive to see new products that over-index in sustainability, innovation and design reach the New Zealand market and I am excited to see how brands, and event partners in particular, take the opportunity to do better in all these spaces

Simon pound
Previously Unavailable

Our commitment to our product

Futurity Manufacturing engaged Thinkstep-ANZ to undertake an extensive Life Cycle Assessment across entire business operations to understand their total carbon output.


By completing a full carbon footprint, Futurity Manufacturing have a solid scientific basis on which to inform decisions and look for further opportunities to reduce emissions. The footprint captures the whole life cycle of their bioplastic bottles, including distribution and end of life scenarios.

Futurity have committed to measure and offset their emissions from their products through purchasing carbon credits through Ekos New Zealand in order to regenerate permanent indigenous forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Barbara Nebel

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It is great to see Futurity Manufacturing disrupting the reliance on fossil fuel derived plastics whilst being aware of and taking responsibility for the carbon dioxide impact of more sustainable alternatives through purchasing certified permanent indigenous forest carbon credits from Aotearoa and the Pacific Islands.

Kent Barret
Carbon Analyst

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Closed Loop

Having worked hundreds of events across New Zealand and Australia, Closed Loop has collected and diverted thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill with an average of well over 80%.

Any product that reduces plastics at festivals is the way forward. Industrially compostable packaging is steering sustainability programs and driving promoters to take stewardship for their waste and materials coming on to their sites and events. These initiatives are also helping to educate the end user of potential alternatives to the current offerings of plastic and glass packaging etc.

Closed Loop are currently undertaking due diligence and testing of Futurity Manufacturing products at their facility. Futurity is a product that is manufactured in New Zealand and if this is a product can be composted locally, then it’s a game changer to the industry.

Greg Schickers

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What is the mission of Futurity Manufacturing?

Our mission is to use the power of science, design and nature to help businesses innovate their product offering and encourage positive change to consumer’s behaviour to have less impact on the environment.


Where does Futurity Manufacturing come from? What do we do?

Futurity Manufacturing was founded in New Zealand in 2017 and is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Our facility processes advanced biomaterials into plastics components for a variety of industries and sectors. We are product designers and engineers, with the manufacturing capability to create more environmentally friendly products for businesses and consumers to use. We collaborate with local and global partners to continue evolving and deliver leading innovation.


What does commercially compostable mean?

Commercial composting is defined by tightly controlled facilities operating at much higher temperatures then the average home compost system. In New Zealand, commercial composters generally use windrow, vermicomposting or in-vessel methods. The compostable items that go into an industrial composting system are called feedstock. At this stage, our products are only able to be processed in commercial compost facilities that accept our product. 


What does being carbon neutral mean?

Being carbon neutral refers to achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be achieved by offsetting the amount of carbon emissions produced by a company through the purchase of carbon credits. We have committed to measure and offset our emissions from our products through the purchasing of carbon credits from EKOS to regenerate permanent indigenous forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


What is the end-of-life issue for products?

This refers to the issue of how a product is processed when the consumer is finished with it. The end-of-life issue surrounds the process of retaining the most material value of a product, while having the least environmental impacts.  In New Zealand, there are issues around ensuring the intended end-of-life is actually able to be achieved given the limited capacity for commercial composting.

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